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September 2012
- Who says that SSD cannot match HDD capacity? We’ve just released the highest capacity 2.5”/9.5mm SATA SSD – 1280 GB! Wait for a similar announcement for PATA SSD…coming shortly.

June 2012
- New in PATA: 256GB SLC/512GB MLC SSDs. Memkor standard Secure Erase and Write Protect features are available.

February 2012
- Memkor introduces 256GB mSATA. With hardware controlled Write Protect feature. With software and/or hardware triggered Secure Erase.

October 2011
- Congratulations! Memkor is now an ISO 9001-2008 CERTIFIED COMPANY!

September 2011
- Our maximum capacity drive in an extended 2.5” form factor reaches 2.5TB.

July 2011
- First SATA III drive achieving 500MB/s is released. This is followed by an extreme capacity 320/640GB Industrial grade MLC/SLC NAND based SSD in a standard 2.5” form factor. All support internal AES256 encryption.

June 2011
- Memkor Orange Series SSDs are split into FAST, MAX and FLEX families to differentiate SSD optimization for speed, capacity and feature set.

January 2011
- Memkor releases 64/128GB SLC/MLC SATA II mini PCIe (70mm) with hardware triggered Secure Erase and Write Protect.

December 2010
- Memkor builds 1TB SSD in the extended 2.5” form factor.

February 2010
- Introducing Memkor Black Series family of SSD’s: extreme ruggedization, extreme performance, secure erase, up to 256GB in 2.5” form factor.

January 2010
- Released next generation Blue Series SSDs, Industrial Grade, up to 512GB of SLC NAND in 2.5” form factor

November 2009
- We welcome the Next Generation Memkor Orange Series with sustained performance of up to 170/230 MB/s

September 2009
- Clear and Purge are now added to selected Memkor White Series SSDs

April 2009
- We change the company name to Memkor, Inc.

December 2008
- Clear and Purge functions are added as an option to the Orange Series SSDs.

June 2008
- Solidkor introduces 2.5” Blue Series extreme performance SATA SSD for Enterprise market. It achieves 160 MB/s write and 190 MB/s read speeds with capacity of up to 256GB.

March, 2008
- Solidkor releases high performance, 100MB/s SATA and PATA SSDs for the Defense and Enterprise markets.

May 2007
- Solidkor Incorporated.

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