ATAPI CF Drives - Value and Flexibility

The ATAPI CF drives enable value deployment of solid state technology. The drives allow customers to adapt standard CF cards as ATAPI devices, and leverage advantages of Flash solid state technology such reliability and resilience to extreme environmental conditions.

The ability to use any standard CF card ensures deployment flexibility.

The ATAPI drives allow emulation of a removable/re-writable device such as floppy disk or tape device.

Bootable CF for PC, SBC or embedded systems is the most common application.

Features Benefits
Single CF slot for 2.5” FF Removable CF slot
Dual CF slot for 3.5” FF 1-Fixed and 1-removable CF slot
OS Bootable Enables OS booting from CF
Write Protection Removable CF slots support read-only access
Hot-swappable Removable slots support CF exchange without system shutdown
Enable applications such as an emergency OS boot or data logging to removable device
Operating Voltage 5V±10%
Operating Temperature • -40ºC to 85ºC Industrial
• 0ºC to 70ºC Commercial
Vibration – Operating Mode 15g; 25Hz-2000Hz

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