Drive On Module - Better Performance, More Features.

Memkor PATA Drive On Module (DOM) for embedded systems offer high reliability, capacity and performance. They operate where extreme temperatures, vibration and humidity are the norm.

With implemented S.M.A.R.T., write protect and password controlled drive access, Memkor Drive On Module raise the bar for embedded Flash product feature set.

Our PATA Drive on Module supports 40-Pin and 44-Pin connectors, straight and angle configurations.

High performance of up to 25MBps sustained read rate improve boot time and system response time.

Memkor offers customer controlled Bill Of Material (BOM) to facilitate smooth qualification and make product ownership easy.

Features & Benefits Details
Connector 40/44 pins connectors
Straight/angle/reverse angle
High Speed Interfaces Parallel ATA
Fast boot time and application response 25 MB/s max sustained read rate
11 MB/s max sustained write rate
High speed interfaces Ultra DMA Mode-4
Multiword DMA Mode-2
PIO Mode-4
Operating Voltage 5V±10%
High Data Reliability Data stored on SLC NAND managed by dynamic wear leveling and ECC/EDC
27+ years write endurance when overwriting entire disk 10 times per day
10 years data retention
Unmatched Data Integrity Up to 8 user defined read-only partitions to prevent accidental or malicious data alteration
Unmatched Data Security Password control feature prevents unauthorized access
Flash Health monitoring and reporting S.M.A.R.T. to monitor flash usage

Memkor SSDs - Summary

Specs can change at any time